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Jiangsu Hoston Machine Tools Co., Ltd.
कई विशेष चीज़ों वाला आपूर्तिकर्ता
मुख्य उत्पादों: हाइड्रोलिक Ironworker मशीन, सीएनसी धातु कताई मशीन, बाल काटना मशीन, प्रेस ब्रेक मशीन, खराद मशीन
Annual export US $5,456,786Design-based customizationFull customizationSample-based customization

Our advantages

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Welcome to our company, we are a group of creative people.
1.High quality is our obligation
2.Customer first,contact us now!
3.Great servise is our mission!
4.Quality is the essence, wealth is the fruit.
5.Your opinion is the driving force of our progress.
6.A smile on your face and a service in your heart.